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MFG Baden-Württemberg is an institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg and Südwestrundfunk public broadcaster. MFG is short for Medien and Filmgesellschaft, which translates as Media and Film Society. The aim of MFG is to promote film culture and film industry as well as the cultural and creative industries in the Southwest of Germany.

MFG operates as a state-wide centre of excellence. It is a public promoter of culture and economic development and provides targeted support measures to the industry. The MFG Film Funding focuses on project funding, whereas MFG Creative focuses on networking and communication for the cultural and creative industries and on digital culture as a field of expertise. MFG works with its shareholders to provide supervision and advice for projects in the fields of media competence, open source, online state projects and university cooperations.

Bernd Hertl
Bernd Hertl

Head of Communications/Marketing

Unit Cultural and Creative Industries

Heyne im Portrait
Max-Peter Heyne

Leiter Kommunikation und Veranstaltungsmanagement

Unit Filmförderung